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Trovare Design is a Los Angeles based interior design company founded by Bridgette Trovato.  While living in New York City, Bridgette began to train her eye for design with a degree in Fine Art and Business from Wagner College.  Her heart led her home to Los Angeles where she earned a Masters Degree in Interior Architecture from UCLA and Cal State Poly Pomona's collaborative program.  From Berlin to Paris to Sydney, Bridgette brings inspiration and eclecticism from her world travels into every project. With 10 years experience in the textile industry, she has a discerning sense for quality and authenticity.  Her aesthetic honors the success of our design forefathers & mothers, while embracing a modern vibe.

The Trovare m.o. believes a beautiful space is a reflection of the client's life story told through layers of textures, styles and colors. Trovare's focus is to capture a client's style and deliver an environment beyond expectation.

trovare: italian verb meaning to find, come upon; to believe; capture, discover.